How Atlanta is Becoming a Smart City

Originally Published by Melissa Huntley, MDSI

Hearing about the latest tech trends, IoT devices, and different network generations (I.E. 3, 4 and now 5G)  have dazzled us for years. We’ve upgraded our own personal technology through our smart phones, home devices, and even mobile transportation.  It’s hard to imagine that our world is actually becoming “smarter” for us to live easier lives and have greater accessibility to things.  Atlanta, GA is paving the way to becoming an even greater Smart City- Here’s how:

Before We Start- Let’s Define a Smart City

There is not a true definition to what a smart city is because every city categorizes what being “smart” means and what are the most important features to upgrade and enhance.  Whether it be environmental issues, speediness of public transportation, or faster internet, these components could all make up for a “smarter” city.  Every city can agree that the true reason for a smart city is to make our connectivity and living prosperity… read more